The Emerging Artist Program (EAP) supports emerging artists by contributing to the development of their artistry and their growth as music industry professionals — helping them to navigate many of the challenges emerging artists face in building a musical career.


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What are some of the challenges emerging artists face?

Emerging artists must develop skill sets in a number of key areas that go beyond the ‘writing of the music’, yet are still essential to finding success along their musical journey:

  • Accessing studio time and financial resources for recording
  • Finding collaborative networks of professional musicians
  • Learning how to run a business
  • Learning how to brand and market themselves
  • Understanding music business practices

Every artist is unique.

The EAP strives to meet artists where they are at: identifying existing strengths and areas for potential growth, empowering each individual artist to overcome the unique challenges they face in meeting their goals.

Help us make a difference in the musical journey of emerging artists.

How we help emerging artists succeed?

Artists selected for the EAP have access to a full range of resources and support, enabling them to:

  • Understand the importance of mastering music fundamentals
  • Connect with stories and wisdom from seasoned artists
  • Have access to state of the art recording studios and engineers
  • Gain education on the business of music, PR, and marketing
  • Get assistance with marketing and brand development teaming them up with the best in the business.

Selected applicants are teamed up with a group of experienced, music industry professionals — producers, sound techs, entertainment lawyers, event planners, and creatives — who share a passion for original music and ‘playing’ their industry experience forward.


Maintain Artistic Integrity

The EAP is guided by the principle that participants must retain their artistic and creative integrity throughout the program process.

Meet artists where they’re at

We meet each artist where they are at, directing time and resources to where they will be of most benefit for each individual.

Play it forward

The EAP seeks emerging artists who not only want to develop their artistry, but who also understand that music is a way to give back.


The EAP officially begins with the application process. Hopeful participants must complete the application form provided online. We generally receive applications from all around the province of Alberta.

A team of adjudicators is then assembled to look at a variety of factors — not just artistic factors — and a shortlist of potential participants is selected. Shortlisted artists participate in a more extensive second round of the application process and after a difficult deliberation process, we identify our program participants.

Selected applicants then meet with POM team members and we begin an official intake process to discuss outcomes and to identify what goals the artist wishes to accomplish during their tenure in the program.


FAQs //

The program typically runs once a year, though this can change depending on time, resources and circumstance. Artists generally spend about a year in the program. 

Currently we are accepting applications from any artist who is from the province of Alberta, 18 years or older, and working on original music. 

Yes, this is program for individuals focusing primarily original music. 

The duration of the program is about a year, however the day-to-day time commitments are difficult to quantify and vary depending on each artist and the goals they outline during program intake. 

Successful applicants are able demonstrate a high level of commitment to their music and to show that they are doing something unique and interesting within their genre. Successful applicants are also those that understand the value of the program and desire to pay that gift forward  through music.